Area: 732,000 sq. feet
Client: Nakheel PJSC
Consultant: DIWAN, MTE Studios
Project Manager: TURNER Construction International LLC
Themed Engineering & Contractor: Al Ahmadiah / Eremco (Paris) JV in association with AAB (France)
Location: Dubai
Year : 2005


The world’s largest themed shopping mall is a different experience for both construction team and visitors.

The architectural inspiration behind the unique design of the Mall originates from the travels of the legendary Moroccan explorer, Ibn Battuta. The six themed courts (Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China) reflect Ibn Battuta’s great journey through the Far East, Middle East and Northern Africa. The result was 1,184,000 sqft. of mall space and 732,000 sqft. of themed circulation erea that literally brought China, Egypt, Andalusia and Persia to life. The Persian Dome at the mall is deemed to be one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture in this century as underscored by Professor Salim Al Hassani, Chairman of the UK based foundation for Science Technology and Civilization.

The Persian Dome, comparable in size and grandeur to the Taj Mahal Dome, is further evidence of the attention to detail given to make Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall not only a retail experience but a truly visual and entertainment experience as well. Standing at 85 feet high and 105 feet wide the best of the breed of artists, themed specialists, painters and engineers collectively ensured the perfect final result.

Al Ahmadiah formed a strategic coalition with two world class theming specialists, MESSRS. Atelier Artistic du Beton (AAB) and EREMCO, both based in France. The merger of these companies formed a solid base for rapid progress ensuring completion of the theming construction and finishes of the four courts, nl. Andalusia, Egypt, Persia and China, were completed within a period of eight months. Ibn Battuta Mall was successfully opened to the public on 13th April 2005