Al Ahmadiah, pre-construction services which are the overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from inception aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project. “In this section we want to describe all of the services that we provide such as nominating architectural consultant and engineer as well as project manager.” - A close co-operation with our clients: As a result of over four decades experience in construction industry in the UAE, Al Ahmadiah has the ability to co-operate with local and overseas clients on a pre-construction stage for: -Nominating design team and consultant for architecture and engineering -Site selection -Feasibility study -Study on constructability of Schematic designs -Cost analysis of construction systems -Step by step project management Al Ahmadiah pre-construction services control a project step by step from preliminary planning and engineering stage to assess project scope, schedule, and cost as early as possible with the most efficient use of resources and money.


The construction stage begins with a pre-construction meeting brought together by the superintendent. The pre-construction meeting is to make decisions dealing with work hours, material storage, quality control, and site access. The next step is to move everything onto the construction site and set it all up. At this stage, construction monitoring and supervision is of great importance to ensure that a project is completed on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards. At this stage our responsibility is clear; to control, direct and co-ordinate the work and performance. To complete a project on time and on budget while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards is our goal and this has been achieved with perfect monitoring and supervision by Al Ahmadiah Trading & Contracting LLC teams several times in many projects.


Our Procurement support team reviews the projects undertaken, by ensuring timely delivery of the materials, within the budgeted costs. A procurement schedule is derived from the Construction program and used by this team. While every attempt is made to source the materials, both locally and internationally, at competitive rates, the impetus is on quality and innovation. Some of the materials imported and introduced by us have been widely emulated by our competitors, which proclaims our lead in benchmarking best construction methods and materials. Integrity, transparency and dedication are the hall marks of our Procurement team who handles all tasks with ease and efficiency whether they are complex or simple products to source. All efforts are made to ensure adherence to the Quality system ISO 9001 and 14001 meeting the quality, safety and environmental standards in dealing with known suppliers and the products they supply, closely monitoring their performance regularly involving the Project Managements in the process.


Al Ahmadiah is one of the leading companies in Middle East that provides project completion plan. We define a project completion team to provide all of the completion requirements, listed below: - Project punch out (Snagging) To provide a professional report that highlights any issue in materials or workmanship and plan to rectify and to ensure project quality for final completion. - Final inspection To inspect independently and along with the authorities - Testing and Commissioning This is the process of testing systems and equipment to ensure that they are working correctly. Train owner properly to operate the systems and equipment in the building - Final documentation To provide information to the building owner for future references, This includes operation & maintenance manuals, warranties, all inspection and test reports and record drawings.


- Project Quality Plan Before the project starts, and once all the clients and consultants requirements have been established, AACT shall produce a detailed Project Quality Plan (PQP) considering the ISO 9001:2015 standard’s requirements. This document acts as a general guide to the project with information on all its various stages and elements. The PQP describes how AACT applies its Quality Management System to the project. The objective of the PQP is to assure and inform our clients, consultants and AACT staff that our construction activities strictly and consistently adhere to our Quality Management System, Both International Standards and Legislation. - Method Statements AACT will produce detailed Method Statements for various activities which may be carried out on our projects. These work specific documents are the prime framework for the planning and execution of the physical works. Method Statements detail the works in a brief and accurate manner. The prime objective is to detail the activity sequence in such a manner that the work is undertaken correctly, efficiently and in accordance with the specified requirements to achieve the final completion with required quality in right time and right way. All Method Statements are issued to the consultant/ client representative for approval prior to works commencing. - Training - Induction Talks New employees in AACT are inducted in Head Office for its Quality and HSE Policy and procedures. All site operatives are inducted with a tool-box talk prior to commencement of work, related to workmanship, work ethics, and personal safety, quality of work, known hazards and likely future hazards.


As a foremost employer, AACT recognizes the social responsibility it has, which starts with the supreme prominence it places on the safety in all of its operations. AACT ensures safe working environment to our employees and public users. AACT fully complies with regulatory authority requirements and updates the facilities when required. AACT believes that one of its greatest assets is its employees and its major concern is to ensure the effective, efficient and safe performance of its employees. AACT emphasizes the fact that Business proficiency relies much on high productivity and speedy work achievement, without compromising the health, safety and environmental aspects.

Safety in the workplace will be improved and accidents will be prevented if each and every worker makes a considerate and cognizant exertion to do so. It is expected of each employee that to set a good self-example, to collaborate whole heartedly in the promotion of safety and prevention of accidents.

AACT hopes to move in concord with the rhythm of environment, while achieving its goals with the outright customer gratification. AACT follows and fulfills ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements.


Labours are our main resources; AAACT believes that the work living conditions, wages and benefits it offers to its employees are competitive. Our labour accommodations are always within the norms of the country fitted with the best facilities and amenities and our experience has shown that when employees deal openly and directly with supervisors, the work environment can be excellent. Our priority is to provide clean and healthy environment to our workers with proper safety and create a social harmony providing and respecting all types of religion with no discrimination to any race, color, sex and any other characteristics protected by law. This relationship is maintained and monitored very closely which helped our organization in retaining workers for longer period and also employing the relative workers of the second generation. We conduct periodical health checks and celebrate most of the festive, extending supports for their social activities.


Recently, fast track has gained the popularity in current project delivery strategies. Fast track is a method of implementation where construction and design phases are overlapped to expedite completion of the project, in addition it is not only an activity that is simply done fast, but more than that, is to make overlap on stages of design and construction with the purpose to get an earlier project delivery. Several successful fast track projects that have been delivered by AACT including high rise buildings as well as horizontal developments resulted to our own thesis on organization and management of fast track projects with a backup of skillful and experienced team. When a project owner decides on fast track project, our team can make this decision in process to provide many advantages and benefits such as an earlier project completion and earlier financial return.


As an ISO 14001:2015 certified company AACT is dedicated to conducting business in a communally, frugally and ecologically responsible manner to the benefit of current and future generations while meeting the needs of our clients. We assist our clients to safeguard the environment, conserve energy, protect lives, and strengthen the economic and social structures of communities in which we function. Our reputation has grown over many years and is among the company’s most valuable assets. Ethical strategies based on fair dealings are vital to our business.