Exhibition Building and Circulation Building

Area : 48,706 Square feet
Client : Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture
and Heritage Consultant : AUSTIN - SMITH : LORD
Location : Abu Dhabi
Year : 2013


The Temporary Visitors Centre occupies south side of Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi’s oldest fort, both are located in a cultural city block, TVC design is in harmony with regional architecture and texture. it comprise of exhibition and circulation buildings a mixture of viewing space, working offices and a cafe to aid public use as well as management in support of all activities related to the historical building.
Main program of the centre is to hold exhibitions related to the culture and history of Abu Dhabi.
The 4-story circulation and 2-story exhibition buildings represent a unique city view with its double skin facade. external willow wicker panels are working as solar shade and floor to floor glazing curtain wall system controls inside environment.
A system of roof gardens which provides view, natural light and green space for offices and corridors gives an exclusive interior image to the inside of the building.
Street level landscape provides shaded pedestrian routes through the site and it links building entrances with car and bike parkings.